The educational programs the Ophthalmology Foundation offers are complemented by tools developed by our Education Committee Members and other organizations. We strive to make as many resources available and accessible across technologies to as many people as possible.

Helpful Organizations

We’ve included links below to some organizations where you can find more educational resources, events, and information on opportunities in your region or area of expertise. We’ve also included some organizations that offer an opportunity to serve ophthalmologists and patients in low-income regions of the world.

Education Organizations

Service Organizations

Supranational Organizations

Ophthalmology Foundation Educational Resources

The Ophthalmology Foundation has created and compiled several resources that are free for Ophthalmologists to access as needed. Below, you can find our collection of internationally standardized and published Direct Observation of Clinical Skills (iDOCS) and Subspecialty Surgical Rubrics (OSCARS), for use by ophthalmology teachers and trainers to use to improve their trainees’ technique. Residents and other trainees can also use these to expand their knowledge and improve their technique.

We have also compiled a library of useful ophthalmology teaching resources from across the globe, which can be accessed for free at our online campus.


OF iDOC Subjective Refraction (PDF)
OF iDOC Subjective Refraction (DOCX)


Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubrics

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