Community Spotlight: Pranesh Balasubramaniam

We are proud to spotlight and congratulate Dr. Pranesh Balasubramaniam, recently honored and awarded Clinician of the Year by the Barts and The London Students’ Association (BLSA).

A man in a tuxedo holding an award.

Dr. Balasubramaniam is thankful for the invaluable resources provided by the Ophthalmology Foundation (OF) and credits them with helping him in his professional growth. Please join us in celebrating his professional journey and the OF’s tools and support systems, which have been pivotal in his career development.

Please provide a brief overview of your background.

  • Ophthalmologist trained at Aravind Eye Hospital, India, currently working at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust as a Clinical Teaching Fellow.
  • Member of Ophthalmology Foundation Education Consortium (OFEC) and Co-Chair of the Mentoring Committee.
  • A passionate medical educator and author of multiple e-resources in ophthalmology.

What are some of the most challenging aspects of your current work?

  • Balancing academics and training with busy clinical practice in a low-resource setting.
  • Learning to adapt teaching methods for modern learners.

Which Ophthalmology Foundation resources were the most beneficial to you?

  • The Teaching Skills Series by OFEC provides a comprehensive course for any aspiring trainer/ educator.
  • Microlearning modules on the YouTube channel of the Ophthalmology Foundation offer an efficient review of the main course.
  • Above all, the lessons learned from interacting with accomplished educators on the team.

How did these resources contribute to your knowledge and teaching?

  • They helped me apply the adult learning principles and various theories of medical education in the classroom and clinical teaching.
  • Preparing for these modules aided me in furthering my career as an evidence-based clinical teacher.  

What are the most pressing challenges facing ophthalmology today, especially in low-resource countries?

  • Service provision affects the quality of training, especially when trainers are scarce and not recognized.
  • Unequal opportunities for the trainees and non-standardized training practice in the region.

Please share about how engaging with the Ophthalmology Foundation can help address these challenges.

Collaborating with OF helps organizations to create better trainers equipped with sound knowledge of medical education. Trainers acquire employable training skills, so there is a sustainability of passionate teachers and quality training programs.