Welcome to Our New Board Members

As we enter a new year and the beginning of a new organization, several individuals have joined the Ophthalmology Foundation Board of Directors in the past three months. Their addition to the Board will help establish the Foundation as a critical leader in service to ophthalmologists and ophthalmic educators worldwide. Our Directors are vital to implementing the Foundation’s mission and shaping our programs in the coming year.

However, I first want to acknowledge and offer sincere appreciation to our executive committee, President David Pyott, Vice President James Mazzo, and Secretary-Treasurer Bruce Spivey, who have been instrumental in the formation and forward momentum of developing the Ophthalmology Foundation.

In December 2020, we welcomed our initial Board members, Eduardo Alfonso, Rubens Belfort Jr., Matthew Burton, Warren Foust, Karl Golnik, Eduardo Mayorga, Peter McDonnell, Alice McPherson, Ana Gabriela Palis, Berthold Seitz, and Bradley Straatsma.

Additional Board members who joined us in 2021 include F. Michael Ball, Thomas Burns, Andrew Chang, Jean-Frédéric Chibret, Béatrice Cochener-Lamard, Jag Dosanjh, Julia Haller, Wei He, Sir Peng Tee Khaw, Shigeru Kinoshita, Shervin Korangy, Akira Kurokawa, Paul P. Lee, Kgaogelo Edward Moleke Legodi, Henry Nkumbe, M. Babar Qureshi, RD Ravindran, Hugh Taylor, and Tien Yin Wong. 

We are grateful to have such a renowned group of individuals join the Board representing global ophthalmology. They bring their unique talents, expertise, and perspectives to the Ophthalmology Foundation’s work in service of our mission to support ophthalmic education internationally.

Welcome to all of our new Board members. We look forward to working with you in the coming year.